Integration Services Mail Task 255 character limitation

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or: How to use a variable as Recipient in a SSIS Mail Task Microsoft Integration Services (SSIS) offer a really simple mail task. Enter a recipient, a subject and a text, configure the SMTP connection and send. BUT! What about using a dynamic recipient list, or a To line with more than 255 characters? Solution […]

Push SSRS Report to Sharepoint Document Library with SSIS

Posted on Mar 18, 2014 in MS SQL | 2 Comments

In case you use Microsoft Reporting Services in Native Mode and want to deliver your subscriptions to a Sharepoint Document Library you may run into some troubles with standard subscriptions. With Reporting Services Subscriptions you can send an email or deliver the report to a shared folder. Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) The bridge […]

WP E-Commerce Shop Styling 2.2 released

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I has been a long time since the previous plugin update. This release brings some small and one really remarkable changes to the Shop Styling Plugin. added “Shipping Option” placeholder Matej Rokos sent me an email containing this new feature a few weeks ago. He needed this placeholder for his client project and decided to […]

Change Server as Parameter in SSIS DTSX Package

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It’s nearly a daily situation to use a single Integration Services Package on several servers. At least you should have a live system and a dev system. If you modify the package and deploy it to your servers, there are several possible ways of modifying the data source, according to your environment. Local database: In […]

How to watermark an image in wordpress with WPThumb

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After spending a lot of time looking for the perfect solution to place a watermark on specific WordPress images I think it’s worth sharing. I need a watermark on a specific image size. I don’t want to use it on the small thumbnails, so it’s not useful to render it on upload. My solution is […]

new PDF invoice Footer for WP E-Commerce

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In the past it was not possible to generate PDF files with more than one page with the shop styling plugin. If your customers bought too many different products the invoice generated several blank pages before any real content. In version 1.10 the PDF template and especially the footer were completely rewritten to support multiple […]

German translation for WooFramework & FlipFlop Theme

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I published a website based on the FlipFlop Theme by WooThemes and I couldn’t find any German translation files for the theme or the WooFramework. So it was up to me… I translated more than 600 items and it felt like 100 hours of work! So please before you download the files think about a […]

get next custom post in custom taxonomy in WordPress

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How to get the next post inside the current taxonomy? If your using the standard wordpress post, you can use next_post_link() and even specify to use the category but for a custom post type this solution doesn’t work, so I wrote the following lines. Add the code below to your single-.php at the position where […]

Add column to WP-Ecommerce Purchase Logs

Posted on Mar 16, 2013 in PHP, Wordpress | 5 Comments

I recently needed to extend the columns of the WPSC purchase logs dashboard page to add a custom column “invoice number”. I found some hints to use the filter wpsc_manage_purchase_logs_columns which looks quite suitable but found out this has been removed in favor of the WordPress core functions A great article by Claudio Simeone […]

How to style the products table in WP E-Commerce

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This article is related to WP E-Commerce shop styling plugin so if you have not installed the plugin you should do this before continuing here. Add/Remove columns in products table In the WordPress backend you can customize the columns you want to display in the table. Go to settings->Shop styling and select the tab “products […]