WordPress Plugin for WP-e-commerce 3.8

“WP E-Commerce currency helper” is a simple plugin for wp e-commerce.

It shows a bubble tooltip on every price field in your store using Googles Conversion API.



  • get users home country and currency by the IP address
  • user can change the conversion currency and the changes will be saved in a cookie
  • conversion rates are always up to date using google conversion API
  • base currency is taken from your shop settings or can be defined manually
  • The plugin can check all currencies with the Google Conversion API and blacklist missing entries
  • Bubble popup can be customized with themes
  • available in German, English and Spanish language (thanks to Maria Ramos WebHostingHub for the Spanish translation)
  • The plugin can be used for ALL wordpress shops, as long as you can find a wrapper css class to identify price fields with jQuery.
  • It’s free


this is a demo price:  -> €1,00

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  1. John Eriksson
    2012/11/09 15:35

    Is it possible to remove the numbers after the decimal? If so, how?

    Great plugin by the way..!

    • Hannes
      2012/11/09 16:04

      No that’s not possible at the moment, maybe in a later version. If you need this feature now, please contact me per mail for a quote.

  2. Mark Gason
    2012/11/14 21:55

    I am using WP e-Commerce and WordPress 3.4.2 with a theme from Storefront themes ‘Gridport’. I do not see any tooltips on any prices. Even on checkout page. Could the fact that it is under maintenance mode right now be a problem. I am logged in when looking at the front end?
    Happy to supply a login if needed, just email me if required

  3. haduseldu
    2012/11/28 15:36

    I just found your plugin today and I was so happy to finally find a plugin that does all the modification to wp e-commerce that I need!

    I wanted to buy the full package but then I found a little bug?
    When the Customer places an order, he gets the styled e-mail but it neither shows the tax (it shows 0% instead of 19% here in germany) nor does it add the tax to the final price… Is that a bug or am I missing something?

    Thank You!

    PS: Just found out that the tax works if i put it in the e-mail with a single parameter. But within the product table the problem still persists…

    • Hannes
      2012/11/28 15:43

      Hi hadesldu,
      Please have a look at the wp-ecommerce setting.
      Did you enable the option “Product prices are tax inclusive”
      on the tab “Tax”?
      As also answered to your question here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/tax-missing

      • haduseldu
        2012/11/28 16:05

        Thanks for quick response! No, I selected “tax exclusive” because all our ~900 products in store got net prices… but normally wpec is adding the tax automatically in the checkout area…

  4. Brian
    2013/01/05 13:02

    How do you see it on a page. I’m using an ecommerce template from http://www.templatic.com and installed your plugin but can’t see where it is on pricing?


    • Hannes
      2013/01/05 21:12

      Hi Brian,
      Do you use a the wp e-commerce shop plugin or another shop that comes with your theme?

  5. Clyde
    2013/03/03 17:01

    Hi Hannes,

    I was wondering how I can use this in a normal wordpress site that offers tours.

    If it’s not possible would you mind emailing me with a basic quote to make it work for my site please?

    The site is listed above.

    Kind regards

    Clyde Phillips

    • Hannes
      2013/03/12 16:45

      Hi Clyde,
      Sorry for the late reply…
      It’s not possible at the moment, are you still interested in a customization?

  6. Matt
    2013/03/20 17:00

    Hi This plug-in is a great find – but it’s not working on
    the products page. I have the prices visible on the products page
    (in grid display), however the conversion doesn’t work. I find it
    only works on the individual product page, and the checkout. Is
    there a fix? Thanks in advance

    • Hannes
      2013/03/20 20:08

      Hi Matt,
      When I created the plugin this was possible, but in the meantime wp e-commerce was upgraded several times and my plugin isn’t up to date any more.
      I’ll have a look in a few days.
      Regards, Hannes

  7. Robert
    2013/05/01 07:53

    Nice plugin but I don’t see a way to limit the decimal places. I just hovered over a product and got a conversion of 365.060181 which is crazy. It should by default limit to 2 decimal places. No one needs more than that. Is this something you will be adding? Also you mentioned to Matt you were going to update the plugin to be compatible with the newest version of WPEC and Gold Cart. When will that happen?

    Thanks Hannes!

    • Hannes
      2013/05/03 19:23

      Hi Robert,
      I can’t work on this plugin in the next weeks, I’ve to much running projects and also many feature requests for the shop styling plugin.

  8. Jess
    2013/06/26 21:38

    Hi guys,

    Question – Do you have a Woo Commerce Version of this?

    • Hannes
      2013/06/27 07:08

      Hi Jess,
      No sorry, not now, but I started my first WooCommerce project a week ago, so if you want to support the development of this plugin a donation (see button above) would help me to integrate the plugin development in my WooComemrce project.
      regards, Hannes

  9. Matt
    2013/07/11 20:07


    I like this plugin, but there are a couple limitations that I would like to see fixed in a future update.

    The plugin doesnt convert the prices on the checkout page, only the product page.. That should change.

    Also, how can I add a currency to the plugin.. Guatemala is missing.


    • Hannes
      2013/07/12 03:53

      Hi Matt,
      The Guatemalan Quetzal doesn’t exist in Googles Currency API, so I can’t convert it, sorry.
      Doesn’t it work in WP E-commerce or Easy Digital Downloads Checkout page?
      Can you post a link to your page (in case the plugin is still activated?)
      br, Hannes

  10. Danielle
    2013/08/09 04:50

    I am wanting to know if there is a way to have the price automatically display in the users currency based on their IP?

    I want to set different prices in 2 or more currencies say AUD, USD, Pounds & EURO but have the shop display these set prices based on the users location.

    Not sure if this is possible… but would love to know!


    • Hannes
      2013/08/09 05:20

      Hi Danielle,
      The plugin shows about 50 different currencies based on the user IP. But if you don’t want it to show the tooltip you can also use parts of the code to replace the currency field of the product.
      But I think the payment gateways have to use the original currency again.
      If you need a quote for this customization please tell me a few more details.
      br, Hannes

  11. Will
    2013/11/28 08:51

    Demo is showing:
    “0,00 = 0,00
    set conversion currency”

    Maybe there is something wrong with Googles Currency API?

  12. gerard
    2013/12/02 11:21

    Plugin is not working at the moment, always shows 0,00 = 0,00


  13. Marie
    2013/12/04 02:44

    Hi – I feel like I’m so close to getting it to work. I’m able to edit the settings, on the website I get a conversion pop-up, I enter the conversion currency…but it doesn’t convert. What am I doing wrong/missing?

    Thanks! Marie

  14. halah azim
    2014/01/02 14:03

    I installed it but can’t get it to work.


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