NOTICE: This plugin has moved to it’s own website. Go to to find more informations.

WP e-commerce is a great shop plugin for WordPress. It’s very powerful and can also be customized with loads of plugins.

WP ecommerce Shop Styling has many great improvements for your wp ecommerce store in one bundle:

  • customized HTML mail templates for all wordpress mails
  • customized mail content and formatting for all wpsc mails
  • personalization of mails and transaction results
  • edit the products table and use it in mails invoices and transaction results
  • auto generated PDF invoice
  • custom transaction result pages for different transaction states
WPSC already works great and with this plugin it will look even better and more professional.

HTML Mails

First part of the plugin is the transformation of all wordpress and wp ecommerce mail to HTML mails. The content of your mails doesn’t change, but they look much better.

You can add your company logo, a custom header and footer or any additional informations for your customers in the HTML template.

You can find some HTML mail templates here.

custom email content

Another great improvement is the customization of all emails sent by wpsc. You can write personalized messages to your customers using values from the checkout form, add some payment informations and a custom products table with download links for your digital articles.

The following mails can be customized:

  • payment successful
  • order pending: payment required
  • payment failed
  • track and trace


Your emails as well as the transaction results consist of many dynamic parameters. To keep it as simple and flexible as possible you can select all of these parameters from the editor menu.

When the mail, page or pdf invoice is submitted to the customer, the placholders are replaced by the actual content.

Currently supported placeholders are:

  • Products table (find more information on this topic below)
  • Payment instructions
  • date
  • shipping base price
  • invoice number
  • total shipping
  • total products price
  • total tax
  • discount
  • total price
  • tracking id
  • all values from the checkout form:
    customer name (billing and shipping)
    address, city, state, country, postal code  (billing and shipping)
    phone, email
    and any field you add to the checkout form yourself…

products table

You can use a products table in all your mails, your transaction results pages and your pdf invoice. You decide what you list in the table and where.

printable PDF invoice

You can generate and deliver your invoices as PDF documents automatically as an email attachment and of course you can use placeholders and the products table again.

  • Edit invoice layout in your WordPress editor.
  • Insert images into the PDF-document with WordPress’ standard upload dialog.
  • Style your invoice with CSS.
  • Choose paper format a4 or letter.
  • Custom file name for documents.

Transaction results page

Like emails and invoices you can also customize the transaction results page according to the order state.


WPEC Shop Styling is available already available in

  • English
  • German
  • Italian (by Luca)
  • Hungarian (by Endre),
  • French (by Benjamin Duriez)

I hope to add even more languages so please contact me if you can add another one. You’ll receive a free upgrade serials for your contribution.

Translated Templates

Of course it’s easy to create your own invoice, mail and transaction results content, but if you need some assistance you can download several templates in English, French and Hungarian here


This plugin has been moved to its own website. Go to to find more informations, a forum, FAQ and the feature upgrades.

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  1. Beppe
    2012/11/25 14:11

    Dear Hannes, seams the id_tracking does’t work at all in the traking email to the customer .
    I save the traking id number in the purchase order than send email but no tracking number in the customer email ! The Track and Trace Email tamplate there is the field {tracking_id} .
    Can you help me?
    Thank you

    • Hannes
      2012/11/28 15:41

      Hi Beppe,
      The problem is fixed in version 1.3

      • Beppe
        2012/11/29 04:56

        thank U Hannes, great job, now running well !

  2. L Giraud
    2012/11/25 14:23

    I have a problem with the plugin: the number of tracking id doesn’t appear in the Track and Trace Email of my customers, the placehorders {tracking_id} is wrote. I’ve tried without activate the plugin, the number appears.
    Thank you for the answer

    • Hannes
      2012/11/28 15:40

      I’ve just release Version 1.3 with a fix for this problem.
      Please update your plugin.

      • L Giraud
        2012/11/28 22:30

        Thank you !!

  3. Patrix Lowance
    2012/11/29 14:06

    I use this in “Email Content – Payment Successful”
    Thanks for shopping, any items to be shipped will be processed and inform your tracking number as soon as possible.

    You ordered these items: {#productstable#}

    Total Shipping: {total_shipping}

    Total: {cart_total} Payment Team

    But in my email i get

    Thanks for shopping, any items to be shipped will be processed and inform your tracking number as soon as possible.

    You ordered these items:

    # Product Quantity Price single Price
    1 Becky (L) 1 THB1,250.00 THB1,250.00
    Total Shipping: {total_shipping}

    Total: {cart_total} Payment Team

    Product table were show. But shipping price and total is reminned as tag. Is this a bug or any issue?
    May u help me this please.

    • Hannes
      2012/12/01 07:25

      Hi Patrix,
      Your description looks as if you did a status change on an order submitted before you installed the shop styling plugin. This doesn’t work because the plugin caches all sum values when the customer submits the order.
      Did you also try with a new order?
      br, Hannes

  4. Chuck
    2012/12/01 06:04

    Great plugin.
    However… i am getting this in my email when “payment is accepted” :

    Thank you for your purchase
    We received your payment. Your order {purchase_id} will be processed immediately by our team.
    Your Products



    {purchase_id} and {#productstable#} instead of the information ?????

    This happens ONLY in the in “Payment accepted” and “tracking emails”…… all other email templates show the information.

    Please help.


    • Hannes
      2012/12/01 07:27

      Seems to be the same problem as in the previous post by Patrix. Does this problem also happen when you change the status of an order submitted after the installation of the shop styling plugin?

  5. Chuck
    2012/12/01 08:56


    I have placed about 7 orders AFTER the installation. Such a great plug in Hannes. Nothing out there like it…….. I really hope you can offer a solution.

    • Chuck
      2012/12/04 04:08

      Hello Hannes.

      Have you had a chance to investigate this issue?

      • Hannes
        2012/12/04 15:10

        Hi Chuck, I tried to find the problem, but it works in all of my test stores. Which versions of wp e-commerce and WP e-commerce shop styling do you use in your online shop?

        • Chuck
          2012/12/05 11:47

          Thanks looking into that.

          Im running wordpress 3.3.1
          and wp-ecommerce: Version

          • Chuck
            2012/12/13 01:16

            Do you think the versions I am running could be my issue?

          • Chuck
            2012/12/13 01:17

            Do you think the versions I am running could be my issue?

          • Hannes
            2012/12/13 06:32

            Hi Chuck,
            Yes I do think it’s a matter of the version. I started developing the plugin with wpsc, so I’ve not even tested the plugin in Sorry.

  6. Bordenmeer
    2012/12/03 12:32

    I have a problem that i get two notification emails and also the customer gets two emails. For payment i use test-gateway. So i should get one manual payment email but i get two.

    i use wp-ecommerce

    • Hannes
      2012/12/03 12:46

      Hello, do you get both mails at the same time or is the second one sent later? Is the content of both mails the same?

      • Bordenmeer
        2012/12/03 18:33

        yes i get both mails at the same time and also the content of both mails are the same.

        • Hannes
          2012/12/04 15:11

          does this also happen if you disable the shop-styling plugin?

          • Bordenmeer
            2012/12/04 16:06

            Hi Hannes , Yes i just checked it is also happened when i disable the shop-styling plugin.

        • Hannes
          2012/12/06 12:55

          so it doesn’t seem to be a problem with the shop styling plugin. Maybe you find the solution or at least anyone with the same problem in the getshopped forum…

  7. Nils
    2012/12/03 12:43

    Hi Hannes,

    Checking out your plugin and it looks great, except that it seems that the same confirmation email is sent out again and again to the customer every time the status of an order is changed from Accepted Payment to Job Dispatched and to Closed Order. Is this intended? Can I configure in which cases an email is sent and which status changes are only used internally?


    • Hannes
      2012/12/03 13:01

      Hello Nils, this behavior is intended by WP e-commerce. My plugin only changes the formatting and the content of the mails.
      kind regards, Hannes

  8. Nils
    2012/12/03 13:19

    Hi Hannes, that’s strange. Before installing your plugin, transactional emails were only sent when changing the status to “Accepted Payment”.

    • Hannes
      2012/12/03 15:14

      Hi Nils, thanks for the hint, I just tested your description in one of my stores and I see the same behavior with and without the plugin: In WPSC sends mails on every status change. As far as I can remember this did not happen until but it is not related to “wp ecommerce shop styling” because the plugin just uses the “wp_mail” filter and this filter will only be triggered when wordpress sends an email.
      I hope I can help you with this answer…
      br, Hannes

  9. Nils
    2012/12/03 17:19

    Hi Hannes,

    Thanks for clarifying! Do you have any suggestion on how to change this behaviour? Having all these refined statuses is pretty useless if the customer gets spammed with the same email over and over again… Strange that they’ve changed it this way.


    • Hannes
      2012/12/04 15:06

      Maybe it’s a bug in WPSC?
      The only idea I can give you is to use the hook ‘wpsc_update_purchase_log_status’ or ‘wp_mail’ and decide whether the mail is sent. Maybe you can set a transient to remember if the notification has already be sent in the last week/day/month for example.

  10. Nils
    2012/12/05 15:04

    Hi Hannes,

    It seems that your plugin also puts styling on the emails I get from another plugin, Contact Form 7. That’s not a big problem per se, but unfortunately the nice styling removes the email address of the person who sends the message from our website via Contact Form 7. Is the styling of these contact form emails intended, and is it possible to turn it off or somehow make sure the styling doesn’t change the sender address of the notification email and thereby removes the address of the original sender? Thanks!

    • Hannes
      2012/12/06 12:59

      Hi Nils, I also heard about this problem in the wordpress support forum. In the next version you’ll find an option on the mail template tab to avoid the change of the mail sender for non wpec mails.
      It’s already in the SVN and will be released as new version next week.

  11. Steven
    2012/12/10 03:51

    I’ve installed your plugin, but the transaction emaile do not show the fields, it only shows the field names. it does show the products table correctly though. but none of the other placeholders.

    I’ve even tried putting them without the # symbol.


    i’m using the latest wordpress and the latest plugin. Thanks. any help is appreciated.


    • Roy
      2013/01/13 18:50


      I have this same problem but only when a customer chooses anything other than the manual payment option. Even when I resend the receipt or change the order status, it shows up with the field names inside the brackets.

      Works perfect with manual payments though. Any clues?

      • Hannes
        2013/01/14 19:53

        Hey Roy, I’m working on this problem. I try to release a working version until the end of this week.

        • Hannes
          2013/01/16 14:27

          Version 1.6 is released and solves the problem

          • Roy
            2013/01/16 15:49

            Hi Hannes,

            I still don’t receive the confirmation email after a purchase is made trough the iDeal-payment-portal I use, so maybe the problem lies there.

            Resending the receipt from the sales admin works perfectly, so that is a workaround I can use.

            Thank you for the update.

          • Hannes
            2013/01/16 16:04

            You don’t receive a confirmation mail (you or your customer)? As far as I remember the problem was the missing placeholder values in the mail.
            Does the problem with placeholders still exist?

          • Roy
            2013/01/16 18:12

            The problem with the placeholders is fixed. But after the customer finalizes an order, both the customer and admin emails don’t send out. I can however resend them via the sales admin, which is my current work around. It happens only when customers use the iDeal-portal (by, I have not tested it with PayPal or other portals.

            Again, I don’t know if the problem is in the iDeal-portal or your plugin. Hope this helps. Thank you!

          • Roy
            2013/01/16 18:23

            Hi Hannes,
            Just did a test with your plugin deactivated, and the problem persists. This means the issue lies in the iDeal or WPSC plugin, so I will need to resolve this myself. Thanks again for your work on this great plugin.

  12. Kyle
    2012/12/12 08:07


    Just downloaded the plugin and purchased all upgrades. When I go to the plugin settings page, I can view the basic template in the text mode. When I switch to visual, the box is empty and I can’t get into it to stylize my e-mails. Likewise, none of the WP Editor options come up. This problem occurs on the E-Mail Content Page, the Invoice Template page and the Transaction Results page.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there documentation for how to set this up? Help, as this plugin is what I’ve been looking for to solve the ugly WP email problem! Thanks.

    • Hannes
      2012/12/15 20:51

      Hi Kyle,
      Did you try in a different browser? I also had a problen like that when I used qtranslate with chrome. But for me it occured on the posts and pages in WordPress backend.

      • Kyle
        2012/12/18 04:54

        Hi Hannes,

        I experience the problem in IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari and on multiple computers. I also went to other areas of the backend, e.g., pages, posts, etc., and the WP Editor works fine.

        In Chrome, I inspected the elements of one of the text boxes. I found this line of code:

        Is it possible there’s an issue or with javascript? I don’t have the skill set to get into the core of the plugin files, but if you tell me how to solve, I’ll have my programmer try your suggestions.

        • Kyle
          2012/12/18 04:57

          Sorry, the post submission deleted the code I was trying to highlight. It basically says, WP Editor tools hide-if-no-js.

        • Kyle
          2012/12/19 22:15

          Resolved it. We rolled back from WP 3.5 to the prior version and the WP Editor began working. My programmer said it had something to do with javascript. Please let me know when the plugin is updated to work with 3.5. Thank you.

          • Hannes
            2013/01/03 09:11

            Hey Kyle, the plugin works with WP 3.5 now, I’ve just released an update

  13. Suzanne
    2012/12/13 14:37

    Just downloaded WP e-commerce shop styling.

    But it gives a bug at the site. When im now ordering products i get the following message.


    Actie niet gelukt. Ververs de pagina en probeer opnieuw.\n\t\t\t
    Sorry, uw sessie is verlopen. Keer terug naar de homepage →\n\t\t\t
    Voornaam is een verplicht veld.\n\t\t\t
    Achternaam is een verplicht veld.\n\t\t\t
    Adres is een verplicht veld.\n\t\t\t
    Postcode is een verplicht veld.\n\t\t\t
    Stad is een verplicht veld.\n\t\t\t
    Land is een verplicht veld.\n\t\t\t
    E-mailadres is een verplicht veld.\n\t\t\t
    Telefoon is een verplicht veld.\n\t\t\t
    U dient akkoord gaan onze Algemene Voorwaarden.\n\t”,”refresh”:”false”}

    What can i do about that?

    • Hannes
      2012/12/15 20:48

      Please tell me the version numbers of wpec an WordPress.
      Does this error also happen when you disable the plugin?

  14. Nancy
    2012/12/28 15:21

    great plugin!

    I downloaded and purchased the plugin extentions. But now we would like to know how to send a copy of the invoice.pdf to the webshop owner in the mailbox. Because we only get the transaction report, but without the invoice.

    Any solution for this?

    • Hannes
      2012/12/28 21:18

      Hi Nancy,
      Seems to be a good idea, I’ll try to add this feature in version 1.5 and release it in a few days.

      • Nancy
        2012/12/29 00:02

        Hi Hannes, That would be great! Thank you!

  15. Skampie
    2013/01/08 15:20

    Hi Hannes,

    When I process a payment with PayPal standard the e-mail and the PDF invoice does not contain any data.
    It looks like:

    Shippingcosts: {total_shipping}
    VAT: {total_tax}
    Total costs: {cart_total}

    Any solutions for this?

    • Hannes
      2013/01/08 21:15

      Hi, please tell me your versions.

      • Skampie
        2013/01/09 13:42

        Hi Hannes,

        WordPress 3.5
        WP E-Commerce (same problem in
        WP E-Commerce Shop Styling 1.5.1
        PayPal Payments Standard 2.0 (included in WP E-commerce)

        • Hannes
          2013/01/16 15:04

          Hi Skampie, 1.6 should solve the problem

  16. Luca
    2013/01/08 20:28

    Hello. This product is almost perfect and there is still the possibility of using all 6 methods described and seen in the “sales log” but only “Payment Successful”, “Incomplete Payment”, “Payment failed” then only 3 … and “Products table” also lacks the ability to add the total + shipping …
    is also possible to manually add these to my website? because if it were I would be happy to buy all plugins (15 €)
    Excuse my English (Google translated)


    • Hannes
      2013/01/09 06:23

      Hi Luca, you can still use all 6 states, but WP E-commerce sends out only three mails. The other states are only for internal purpose.
      Do you need total + shipping for every single product in the table or as a sum below the table?
      If you want this feature there are three possibilitities to get it:

      1. Many people want it (needs time)
      2. You pay for it (send me an email for a quote)
      3. Create a translation for the plugin (What’s your home language?)

      I hope you choose number 3, because I want to translate the plugin to as many languages as possible.
      br, Hannes

      • Luca
        2013/01/09 15:00

        Paid plugins. Transition paypal ID: 28136102T5213074C
        Dovo I can send the mail the payment and to also have the support?

        I am Italian and the translation I can try but can not promise anything ….


      • Luca
        2013/01/09 19:55

        PS: The translation into Italian and almost ready;)

  17. Jesse
    2013/01/09 05:32

    How would I turn off the HTML email for admin emails – transaction reports specifically?

    • Hannes
      2013/01/09 06:14

      This is not possible without changing the plugin source code.
      If you’re interrested have a look at the file [shopstylingplugin]/includes/class-haetshopstyling.php function styleMail(…)
      If you want me to do the changes, please send me an email for a quote, or maybe you can create a translation for me? What’s your home language?

  18. Gracier Yu
    2013/01/09 12:29


    Your plugin is a great help for me! But I have 1 problem. When I use Paypal standard, the placeholders are not translated to the actual values in the success emails. I am getting these instead:
    Dear {billingfirstname},

    Thanks for your order! Here are your order details:

    # Product Quantity Price Per Unit Price
    1 Ice Pack – Blue Ice 1 PHP25.00 PHP25.00


    Total Product Price: {total_product_price}

    Total Shipping: {total_shipping}

    Please help me correct this problem. Thanks!


    • Hannes
      2013/01/09 20:43

      Hi Grace, I’ll have a look at the problem in the next days

  19. Rolf J
    2013/01/11 20:28


    I’ve installed and purchase the upgrades, but when a customer orders something, there is an error message. What is going on here?

    Installed wordpress 3.4 and wp ecommerce

    array ( ‘sans-serif’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-BoldOblique’, ), ‘times’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Roman’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Italic’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-BoldItalic’, ), ‘times-roman’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Roman’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Italic’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-BoldItalic’, ), ‘courier’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-BoldOblique’, ), ‘helvetica’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-BoldOblique’, ), ‘zapfdingbats’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘ZapfDingbats’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘ZapfDingbats’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘ZapfDingbats’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘ZapfDingbats’, ), ‘symbol’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Symbol’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Symbol’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Symbol’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Symbol’, ), ‘serif’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Roman’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Italic’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-BoldItalic’, ), ‘monospace’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-BoldOblique’, ), ‘fixed’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-BoldOblique’, ), ‘dejavu sans’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans-BoldOblique’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans-Oblique’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans’, ), ‘dejavu sans light’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans-ExtraLight’, ), ‘dejavu sans condensed’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansCondensed-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansCondensed-BoldOblique’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansCondensed-Oblique’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansCondensed’, ), ‘dejavu sans mono’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansMono-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansMono-BoldOblique’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansMono-Oblique’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansMono’, ), ‘dejavu serif’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerif-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerif-BoldItalic’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerif-Italic’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerif’, ), ‘dejavu serif condensed’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerifCondensed-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerifCondensed-BoldItalic’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerifCondensed-Italic’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerifCondensed’, ), )
    Warning: file_put_contents(/home/p34859/domains/ [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/p34859/domains/ on line 231

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/p34859/domains/ on line 168

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘DOMPDF_Exception’ with message ‘Unable to find a suitable font replacement for: ”dejavu serif”’ in /home/p34859/domains/ Stack trace: #0 /home/p34859/domains/ Style->get_font_family() #1 /home/p34859/domains/ Style->__get(‘font_family’) #2 /home/p34859/domains/ Text_Frame_Reflower->_layout_line() #3 /home/p34859/domains/ Text_Frame_Reflower->reflow(Object(Blo in /home/p34859/domains/ on line 805

    • Rolf J
      2013/01/11 20:47

      Solved already by deleting the folder that the error message complains about.

      • Hannes
        2013/01/11 21:12

        Great to read about your success.
        Someone reported the same error, but it disappeared after generating a second pdf…
        I haven’t seen the error myself

      • Ian
        2013/01/26 15:33

        Your error seems to be identical to mine but which folder did you delete to get it working? I have had a read through the error message but can’t see which folder the error message is complaining about (i know nothing about programming) Hope you can help.

        Thanks Ian

  20. Luca
    2013/01/12 10:28

    Hannes you reply ?

    send my your mail for language IT e support ?


    • Hannes
      2013/01/12 11:14

      Hi Luca,
      Thank you very much,
      I’ll send you an email and implement your requested feature!

  21. Manu
    2013/01/16 10:08

    Is it possible to style the download link (and/or change the text on it) in the email sent to customers when they have bought digital products?

  22. Gmod
    2013/01/16 12:17

    I really like your plugin, nice work, however after updating to the newest version 1,6 i got an error massage:

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /wp-content/plugins/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling/includes/class-haetshopstyling.php:2) in /wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-core/wpsc-constants.php on line 19

    • Bordenmeer
      2013/01/16 14:44

      i got the same error after updating to the newest version 1,6

    • Hannes
      2013/01/16 15:02

      Hey Gmod,
      The problem was just an empty line at the beginning of the file. I removed the line and released

  23. Gmod
    2013/01/16 16:26

    That helped, thank you:)

  24. Cenk
    2013/01/17 10:10

    Hi everyone,
    I need my customers generate a PDF file with the pics they uploaded to the page and then e-mail this PDF to me via the webpage. Can this possible with wp ecommerce shop styling?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hannes
      2013/01/18 05:40

      Hi Cenk,
      What you describe uses a few features related to the shop styling plugin, but it can’t be done with this plugin, sorry.
      best regards, Hannes

      • Cenk
        2013/01/21 11:21

        Thanks for your quick reply,
        so maybe I have to combine image editor and shop styling plugins?

        • Hannes
          2013/01/21 12:34

          Maybe… Give me a few more details. What do you want to do with this images and the PDF document? is there any payment process?

          • Cenk
            2013/01/22 14:39

            Yes, users will upload a pic then crop(and add some text) it and after they paid via Paypal this cropped image will be e-mailed to me in PDF so I can print it.

          • Hannes
            2013/01/24 21:31

            Hi Cenk, If you’re interrested I can develop a custom plugin especially for you situation. Send me an email with more details and I’ll send you an offer for the implementation.

  25. Ben
    2013/01/18 01:09

    Hi Hannes, great plugin. Could I suggest you add ‘Payment Method’ as an Invoice Field so it states whether the customer paid by say Credit Card or Online Banking. It’s important to have this feature so a business selling products can easily determine whether they can send the product immediately because the customer used a Credit Card or whether the business needs to put the invoice aside and allow for the money to come into their account if the customer paid via online banking. Cheers

    • Hannes
      2013/01/18 05:43

      Hi Ben, Good idea, I’ll set this feature on my list for future changes. Maybe you’ll already find it in next version…
      br, Hannes

      • Ben
        2013/01/21 02:40

        Hi Hannes, Great! However I am having one rather large issue – If a customer pays by DPS (Credit Card) there is no transaction page generated, just a blank page template. The transaction page loads fine if they do a manual payment option (Bank Deposit). Any solution to this issue? Cheers

        • Hannes
          2013/01/21 10:28

          does DPS redirect your customers to the correct URL and include the session id as GET parameter?
          can you send me the address line of the result page of a DPS payment and a manual payment and please also try once with disabled shop styling plugin.

          • Ben
            2013/01/23 00:00

            The result page is fine when I disable the plugin. Manual
            Payment URL (Which works)
            DPS Payment URL (Blank page with plugin enabled)
            The second issue which is related DPS payments is that when someone
            makes a purchase via DPS they don’t get an email and neither do we
            so we don’t get notified of the sale and the customer is given a
            blank screen and no email to confirm their payment went through.
            The only way we can send them the email and ALSO for the system to
            generate the invoice is to go into the back-end, change the status
            of the sale from ‘Payment Accepted’ to anything else and THEN put
            it BACK to Payment accepted and it will generate the invoice, and
            the email to the customer and one to us (admin).

          • Hannes
            2013/01/24 21:19

            Hi Ben, i think I can see the problem: The gateway doesn’t return a sessionid or a purchaseid so it can’t be associated to the correct order. Is there a chance to customize the return values? I have no DPS account to test.

          • Ben
            2013/02/04 23:30

            Hi Hannes,

            Talked to DPS, they came back with the following:

            “There is a way to solve this. To do so, you will need to modify the plugin to send the session datas in TxnData(s) field(s) when generating payment page and we will return the session datas once the transaciton is completed in txndata(s). Retrive the session data on the return url page and you will not get logged out.”

          • Hannes
            2013/02/05 04:51

            Hi Ben, my plugin doesn’t generate the data to send to DPS, so I can’t modify the data at this point. If you’d want me to create a customized solution for you, please have a look at the offer, I sent to you per mail.

          • Ben
            2013/02/07 22:24

            Hi Hannes,

            Haven’t received any email however I disabled your plugin and the transaction report page works 100%. So something in your plugin is interfering with the transaction page after leaving DPS, This first link is an image of the transaction result page generating the success info when your plugin was disabled: This next link is an image of the page URL displayed twice side by side, one is from your plugin enabled, the other when it was disabled and I highlighted the difference Unless that highlighted area has dropped the transactionID then I believe it is something else from your plugin that is not displaying the information correctly

          • Hannes
            2013/02/08 06:03

            Hi Ben, I sent the mail again to the email-adress you used in your comment.

          • Ben
            2013/02/19 22:50

            Hi Hannes,

            I have been trying to contact you via the email you sent me but haven’t had a reply – just wondering if you have received any of my emails as we would like you to create the custom solution for us and you may have possibly started as our DPS is no longer working. Would like to get it fixed asap, cheers

          • Hannes
            2013/02/20 06:20

            Hi Ben, sorry for the late reply. I had not single free minute in the last week to do the customization. I didn’t change anything on your site until now.
            I’ll have a look today and send you an email later.
            br, Hannes

  26. Nazeer
    2013/01/21 07:57

    Hi, My Client has purchased the serials for PDF invoices and the Transaction results, but when we login back to the WordPress Administration to update the Serial Key, the Popup in Yellow shade does not appear to update the keys.. How to I enter my Serial keys without the popup please… can you help me.

    • Nazeer
      2013/01/21 08:17

      Hi, I just confirmed with the Client that they have updated the Serial Keys, so we are not getting the Serial keys to re-enter, but the Plugin is not working properly, I dont think its unlocked fully, because when we are trying to edit the Invoice in Visual Mode, we dont get any editing options,.

      Can you please help!!!!


      • Hannes
        2013/01/21 10:32

        You reach the serial form with
        But the error seems to be different…
        Which versions of WP, WPSC and Shop Styling do you use?

        • Nazeer
          2013/01/22 15:26

          Hi Hannes, I got it resolved, there was another plugin which was conflicting with your plugin, its working fine now, but the alignment of Order Contents is not 100% wide, and we are not sure where to fix it as the email content is generated from #productstable# Can you please guide, Thanks

  27. tsend
    2013/01/21 16:24

    Hi Hannes!

    I’ve testing your plugin for days, with WP 3.5 wpsc i like it. Anyway I have a problem, when i test it with paypay sandbox (standard paypal mode). After the completed (successful) payments the paypal redirects me to the payment failed result page. In addtion notification emails were not sent out. The test gateway mode works perfectly.

    ui: Did you get my emails with the updated po files, and hungarian translations of the emails (HTML)?

    • Hannes
      2013/01/21 16:52

      Hi, yes I received your mails, I’ll add your changes to the next version, thanks!
      Please disable the shop styling plugin and try again.
      I’ve seen the problem a few times. The Paypal Sandbox IPN doesn’t set the correct order state.
      As far as I’ve seen in other projects this problem is not related to the shop styling plugin, but I can’t remember how I solved it.

  28. Tim
    2013/01/23 08:05

    Hi, I just purchased the two upgrades and when I checkout (pay later option) I get the following on screen:

    array ( ‘sans-serif’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-BoldOblique’, ), ‘times’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Roman’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Italic’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-BoldItalic’, ), ‘times-roman’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Roman’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Italic’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-BoldItalic’, ), ‘courier’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-BoldOblique’, ), ‘helvetica’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-BoldOblique’, ), ‘zapfdingbats’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘ZapfDingbats’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘ZapfDingbats’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘ZapfDingbats’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘ZapfDingbats’, ), ‘symbol’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Symbol’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Symbol’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Symbol’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Symbol’, ), ‘serif’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Roman’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Italic’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-BoldItalic’, ), ‘monospace’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-BoldOblique’, ), ‘fixed’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-BoldOblique’, ), ‘dejavu sans’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans-BoldOblique’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans-Oblique’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans’, ), ‘dejavu sans light’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans-ExtraLight’, ), ‘dejavu sans condensed’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansCondensed-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansCondensed-BoldOblique’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansCondensed-Oblique’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansCondensed’, ), ‘dejavu sans mono’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansMono-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansMono-BoldOblique’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansMono-Oblique’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansMono’, ), ‘dejavu serif’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerif-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerif-BoldItalic’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerif-Italic’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerif’, ), ‘dejavu serif condensed’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerifCondensed-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerifCondensed-BoldItalic’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerifCondensed-Italic’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerifCondensed’, ), )

    Someone else mentioned deleting a folder which fixed it for them. Mine doesn’t have any errors about folders etc.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Tim

    • Tim
      2013/01/23 08:08

      I should have added.

      WP ver 3.5
      WP e-commerce
      WP styling

  29. Tim
    2013/01/23 08:12

    Ok… I turned on debugging… *cough*

    There was a file that needed write permission so I gave it. I have the following error now:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 168 Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘DOMPDF_Exception’ with message ‘Unable to find a suitable font replacement for: ”dejavu serif”’ in /var/www/vhosts/ Stack trace: #0 /var/www/vhosts/ Style->get_font_family() #1 /var/www/vhosts/ Style->__get(‘font_family’) #2 /var/www/vhosts/ Text_Frame_Reflower->_layout_line() #3 /var/www/vhosts/ Text_Frame_Reflower->reflow(Object(Block_Frame_Decorator)) in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 805

    • Tim
      2013/01/23 08:17

      Sorry to spam everyone but I fixed mine. I manually created a PDF from the “Invoice Template” tab in admin then tried again on the website. This worked.

      There’s an issue there but at least by manually creating this invoice it will at least work. Might help others!

      • Hannes
        2013/01/23 10:09

        Hi Tim thank you for your solution. I heard about this error, a user told me it appeared only when he generated his very first PDF invoice and never happened again.

  30. Ian
    2013/01/24 08:50

    I have just installed and purchased the serials for the shop styling plugin, I have created a PDF invoice template but when I click on preview invoice al I get is a message saying “generating pdf invoice” but it doesn’t generate one all it gives me is a back link to go back to the Invoice template tab.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Ian

    • Hannes
      2013/01/24 09:20

      Hi Ian, please try to refresh the page or click the preview button again. On some shared hosting servers dompdf seems to have problems with memory limitation at the very first time you generate a PDF.
      br, Hannes

      • Ian
        2013/01/24 10:56

        Thanks for the quick response, I have tried as you suggest but still no joy, do you know how I would tell if DOMPDF was definitely installed on my server?

        Thanks, Ian

        • Hannes
          2013/01/24 21:23

          Dompdf is included in the wpsc shop styling plugin. I have no solution for you at the moment, sorry.
          You can try to ask google for prts of your error message in combination with dompdf…

          • Ian
            2013/01/31 15:28

            Hi Hannes, just to update this I searched google for a fix and found the same problem elsewhere but none of the fixes worked. However, I have just upgraded WordPress to 3.5.1 from 3.5 and everything seems to be working now

  31. Ian
    2013/01/24 13:20

    Still trying to find out the problem I did a test purchase but when I go to submit the purchase I get an error as follows

    array ( ‘sans-serif’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-BoldOblique’, ), ‘times’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Roman’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Italic’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-BoldItalic’, ), ‘times-roman’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Roman’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Italic’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-BoldItalic’, ), ‘courier’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-BoldOblique’, ), ‘helvetica’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Helvetica-BoldOblique’, ), ‘zapfdingbats’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘ZapfDingbats’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘ZapfDingbats’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘ZapfDingbats’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘ZapfDingbats’, ), ‘symbol’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Symbol’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Symbol’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Symbol’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Symbol’, ), ‘serif’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Roman’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-Italic’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Times-BoldItalic’, ), ‘monospace’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-BoldOblique’, ), ‘fixed’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier’, ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Bold’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-Oblique’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘Courier-BoldOblique’, ), ‘dejavu sans’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans-BoldOblique’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans-Oblique’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans’, ), ‘dejavu sans light’ => array ( ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSans-ExtraLight’, ), ‘dejavu sans condensed’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansCondensed-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansCondensed-BoldOblique’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansCondensed-Oblique’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansCondensed’, ), ‘dejavu sans mono’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansMono-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansMono-BoldOblique’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansMono-Oblique’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSansMono’, ), ‘dejavu serif’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerif-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerif-BoldItalic’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerif-Italic’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerif’, ), ‘dejavu serif condensed’ => array ( ‘bold’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerifCondensed-Bold’, ‘bold_italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerifCondensed-BoldItalic’, ‘italic’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerifCondensed-Italic’, ‘normal’ => DOMPDF_FONT_DIR . ‘DejaVuSerifCondensed’, ), )
    Warning: file_put_contents(/home/********/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling/includes/dompdf/lib/fonts/dompdf_font_family_cache) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/********/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling/includes/dompdf/include/font_metrics.cls.php on line 231

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/********/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling/includes/dompdf/include/font_metrics.cls.php on line 168

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘DOMPDF_Exception’ with message ‘Unable to find a suitable font replacement for: ”dejavu serif”’ in /home/********/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling/includes/dompdf/include/style.cls.php:805 Stack trace: #0 /home/********/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling/includes/dompdf/include/style.cls.php(718): Style->get_font_family() #1 /home/********/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling/includes/dompdf/include/text_frame_reflower.cls.php(165): Style->__get(‘font_family’) #2 /home/********/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling/includes/dompdf/include/text_frame_reflower.cls.php(333): Text_Frame_Reflower->_layout_line() #3 /home/********/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling/includes/dompdf/include/frame_decorator.cls.php(556): Text_Frame_Reflower->reflow(Object(Block_Frame_Decorator)) #4 /home/********/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling/includes/dompdf/include/block_frame_ref in /home/********/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling/includes/dompdf/include/style.cls.php on line 805

    I am getting this when I have all plugins except wp e-commerce and your shop styling plugin deactivated

    So I have had to disable the plugin, hoping you can suggest a fix.

    Thanks Ian

  32. Paul
    2013/01/25 20:50

    Hey Hannes,

    I’m loving your plugin so far, thanks!

    I’ve just been running some test transactions on our test site and all was fine, but suddenly in all purchase confirmation emails there now appears at least one formatting error within the {#productstable#} placeholder. It’s always different, a tag appeared next to a price for example and now the entire email has been shifted outside of the {#mailcontent#} table.

    I can forward you some code or screengrabs if you like?….

    Many thanks, hope to hear from you.


    • Hannes
      2013/01/25 21:23

      Hi Paul, Please forward a few different mails to me, I’ll have a look at your problem.

  33. Muhammad Imran
    2013/01/25 23:40

    I want to buy this but there is a problem. I am living in Pakistan and here in Pakistan paypal does not work. So how can I purchase this plugin with full features. Please tell me other way of buying this.

    • Hannes
      2013/01/26 00:29

      Hey Muhammad, can you translate the plugin to your language? A licence for a translation?
      Or do you have a good idea, what you can do for me?

  34. Ulrich
    2013/01/26 20:28

    the mail which is send out after a purchase has still the old title of my blog and the old link (we’ve changed titel & URL).

    Any idea? Ulrich

    • Hannes
      2013/01/26 20:47

      Hello Ulrich,
      You can change this in the mail template HTML code.
      Go to: settings->shop styling->mail template
      The values have been written there at plugin initialization.

  35. Ulrich
    2013/01/26 20:52

    Thank you for your quick response. Got it :-)

  36. Dylan
    2013/01/28 15:44

    Not work with WP 3.5.1 and WP E-commerce (Plugin 1.7)
    In the admin area, there are blank page, when I click on it. :(

    • Hannes
      2013/01/28 22:48

      Sorry an error occurred during commit. I’ve already published the fixed version 1.7.2

  37. Hans
    2013/01/28 23:48

    Hi Hannes, we don’t need an invoice as much as we need a tax receipt. Simple enough to change the words Invoice to Tax Receipt (Tax Receipt #: {purchase_id}) in the invoice template. However, not sure how the {purchase_id} is being generated, and whether we can start the purchase_id number at a specific receipt number.

    • Hannes
      2013/01/29 05:44

      Hey Hans, the {purchase_id} is the internal counter and auto incremented by wpec. At the moment there is no possibility to use your own number. If you really need this feature, please send me an email for an offer.

      • Hans
        2013/01/30 20:58

        Would you be able to provide a cost estimate to be able to set the numbering sequence? Thanks

        • Hannes
          2013/01/31 05:59

          Hi Hans,
          Please send me an email with your exact changes:
          – Will the invoice/tax receipt still be sent automatically?
          – In case of manual payment, do you want to send the invoice before the customer has paid (as it is now) or do you also need any changes here?
          – Do you need the possibility to remove an unpaid invoice and use the number again for the next customer?
          – …

  38. Tim
    2013/01/30 00:03

    Hey, I’m having the same problem as:
    2012/12/01 at 06:04

    The {#productstable#} isn’t being converted in my email that gets sent.

    WP: 3.5.1
    plugin: 1.7.2

    Any ideas?

    • Tim
      2013/01/30 00:10

      I just noticed that the PDF isn’t being produced/attached either.

      • Rolf J
        2013/02/01 19:44

        Go to wp-content/plugins/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling/includes/dompdf/lib/fonts/ on your site and remove file dompdf_font_family_cache

    • Tim
      2013/01/30 02:19

      On further checking I found that I am also having the problem as:
      2013/01/24 at 08:50

      All of this was working prior to upgrading to 1.7.2

      Because it was a minor release I didn’t back up! Is there anywhere that I can download past versions?

  39. Jonathan
    2013/02/01 01:47


    I’ve just installed the plugin and placed a new order and it all works fine when using Test Gateway as the payment method, but with other methods the receipt email shows the field names instead of being populated with the data.

    My versions are:
    Shop Styling Plugin V1.7.2
    WP e-commerce V3.8.9.5
    WordPress V3.5.1

    • Hannes
      2013/02/01 23:29

      Hi Jonathan, what are the other gateways you tried?
      br, Hannes

      • Jonathan
        2013/02/02 00:47

        Hi Hannes,

        The other gateway I’ve tried is a custom one (PayMyInvoice). Do you think that’s the problem?


        • Hannes
          2013/02/02 05:37

          Maybe it’s a matter of the gateway. Can you send me the gateway for my test system, or do I need a special bank account to use the gateway?

          • Jonathan
            2013/02/02 10:11

            Hi Hannes,

            I should be able to send it to you but probably not until Monday. Is there an email I can send it to?


  40. Rolf J
    2013/02/01 19:44


    cart_total gives completely wrong result. Order example:
    1 Munik Gulai Kepala Ikan 3 € 2.79 6.00 € 0.47 € 8.37
    2 Munik Ayam Goreng 2 € 2.49 6.00 € 0.28 € 4.98

    Total should be 13.35 but gives 9.24

    To everybody with problems not generating pdf’s:
    Go to wp-content/plugins/wp-ecommerce-shop-styling/includes/dompdf/lib/fonts/ on your site and remove file dompdf_font_family_cache

    • Rolf J
      2013/02/01 19:49

      And also it doesn’t add the shipping costs!

    • Rolf J
      2013/02/01 20:09

      Using 1.7.2 and wp e-commerce version 4.5.1

      • Hannes
        2013/02/01 21:55

        You’re usind WPEC 4.5.1? current version is…
        Maybe the wrong sum is related to your tax settings?
        show the sum including shipping costs use placeholder “Total price” instead of “Total product price”

        • Rolf J
          2013/02/01 22:10

          Sorry, I took the version number of another plugin. Indeed I use

          I use {cart_total}, which should be total price. Everything was okay until upgrading to the latest versions of your plugin and also to latest WPEC.

          Nothing has changed to my tax settings.

        • RolfJ
          2013/02/04 12:50

          Any idea about a solution? I currently had to disable the
          plugin since it gave wrong numbers to customers. The normal “WPEC”
          system does give a correct result, but the styling is gone now from
          my mails and messages, which is the reason for buying the

          • Hannes
            2013/02/04 19:40

            Hi Rolf,
            I’ll have a look at the problem until the end of this week and hope to find a solution as soon as possible.

          • Hannes
            2013/02/05 05:24

            Hi Rolf, I placed several orders in my test system with different tax settings, and the sum is always correct. Can you give me access to your store to have a closer look?
            Is it possible to do some test orders?

  41. Oliver
    2013/02/06 18:44

    Hi, i got a general question for the following issue:
    If the client closes the payment window, WPEC will set the order status to Incomplete Sales, with no email and special user feedback.

    Incomplete Sale: This status is caused when a buyer put items in their cart then never goes through to the payment gateway to make the payment. (ie they decide they don’t want the items so close their browser window without emptying the cart) This status is automatically applied and no items should be shipped to logs with this status.

    But in your coding the Incomplete sale should send out a mail:
    else if($purchase_log->get(‘processed’)==1) // payment failed
    $message_html = stripslashes(str_replace(‘\\"’,”,$options['resultspage_failed'])) ;

    WPEC does not create a E-Mail with purchase_log = 1. Should your coding not refer to purchase_log=6 ?

    I am just a WP beginner…but wondering :-)

    • Hannes
      2013/02/08 06:04

      Hi Oliver, I’ll have a look at your idea in the next days…

  42. Luca
    2013/02/08 21:30

    Hello Hannes.
    I wanted to ask if the plugin is compatible WordPress 3.5.1

    thanks Luca

    • Hannes
      2013/02/10 19:35

      Hello Luca, I had no time to try. Does anyone else know?

      • Ian
        2013/02/10 20:43

        It wouldn’t work for me until I upgraded to 3.5.1, works great now

        • Hannes
          2013/02/10 22:41

          Thank you for your feedback!
          Regards, Hannes

    • Luca
      2013/02/13 18:09

      Perfect!! then upgrade to version 3.5.1


  43. charley
    2013/02/11 19:34

    I use wp-ecommerce catalog as private professionals, it can not buy online. But I need it to download product data sheets in PDF format on their computer.
    Is it possible to display a button on the products that can download the PDF generated by your plugin?
    Thank you for your answers.

    • Hannes
      2013/02/11 19:42

      Hi Charly, I don’t exactly understand what you want to do…
      You sell products offline and want to use the shop styling plugin to generate datasheet PDFs?

  44. charley
    2013/02/11 20:07

    Yes, this is a private site. Consult clients products. and order by fax.
    I wish he could print a PDF.

    • Hannes
      2013/02/11 21:09

      Sorry, This is not the purpose of this plugin. You can send me a few more details per mail if you’d like to receive an offer for a custom plugin

  45. Raghav
    2013/02/13 07:54

    I’m held up with a problem. I was searching for the
    solution The problem: I’m using wp e-commerce latest version
    plugin. Say I have three products (1A, 1B, 1C) set up. I want three
    different emails to go based on the products purchased – I’ve to
    enter three different links (1A- Link1, 1B – Link2, 1C – Link3) in
    the mails which is respective for each product. As of now there is
    only one “Customer Purchase Receipt” in the admin section. If I put
    anything there that would go to all the buyers who purchase
    anything. So I want different emails to go to different
    buyers/products. I need some clarity on how to proceed. Please can
    you assist me. Regards and thanks in advance, Raghav.

    • Hannes
      2013/02/13 08:52

      You can enter the links in a custom field in the product details and modify the shop styling plugin to output this value if it exists.
      For other products it wont output a link.
      What do you think of this solution, does it solve your problem?
      If you can’t do it yourself send me an email for an offer.
      Regards, Hannes

  46. Aryan Duntley
    2013/02/14 22:49

    I would like to be able to repring the pdf invoice for any given transaction; an extra option in the “Sales Log Details” page next to the “view packing slip” button. Is there a specific call I can make, passing it an order id parameter to generate the pdf (just as it is done on the invoice settings page wherein you can preview the pdf)? I can then try to hook that into the “Actions” display on the aforementioned page.

    • Hannes
      2013/02/15 04:43

      this button already exists, but it is only possible for orders submitted after the installation of the shop styling plugin, because the pdf is not recreated, but stored in a protected directory on the server.

  47. Aryan Duntley
    2013/02/15 23:00

    Ok, good to know. I added the below code to wp-ecommerce/wpsc-admin/includes/purchase-logs-page/item-details.php at line 146. It serves the same purpose. I don’t like editing the original file, but couldn’t see anything I could hook into.

    Not getting the shipping, subtotal and total fields. Going through your code now to see why that might be. Also, {shippingstate} gives me a number which I assume is a state code and both {billingstate} and {field_18} give me that text ({billingstate}, {field_18}). They do not generate the necessary values or nothing if false. I’ll be going through your code, but if you have time to respond with some suggestions, that would be appreciated.

    <img src='/printer.png' alt='' style="padding-right: 10px;" /> Invoice PDF

    echo 'previewInvoice($this->log_id);
    echo '-->';
    echo 'jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery("#pdifer").click(function(e){window.location.href="'.HAET_SHOP_STYLING_URL.'includes/download.php?filename=preview.pdf";}); });';

  48. Aryan Duntley
    2013/02/15 23:24

    PS the shipping, subtotal and total fields are returning 0.00 for all orders

    • Hannes
      2013/02/17 07:48

      All the totals are computed by wpsc on checkout and dropped afterwards. The Shop styling plugin hooks before the values are deleted and stores them as a transient for a month in the options table. I see no chance to compute these values on demand because you have to use tax, discounts, coupons and every kind of discount or shipping or payment plugins.
      For this reason it’s more reliable to use the internal computations.

      This does not mean you cannot view invoices older than 30 days, because invoices are stored as PDF on your server.

  49. Nopporn
    2013/02/20 16:44

    I am using wp E-commerce 3.8.9, Word press 3.4.2. The
    website is still in the testing stage. The products table in the
    email to client is not showing properly. The width of one of the
    table column is bigger than the content. Other columns’ content are
    squeezed in. How can I adjust it? I want to be able to move Qty,
    price per piece and price towards the left. The table on the
    transaction results page is ok. Thank you. sample below show the
    products that product name occupy too much space and push other
    info to the edge. # product name Qty price per price piece 1
    product-a 1 200.00 200.00

    • Hannes
      2013/02/21 16:17

      Have a look at this article :

      • jtaylortoo
        2013/06/26 22:40

        Hi Hannes, I add this code to the Global Email Template and the products-table is not changing. Is that the right place to add this code?

        #products-table .product_price {

        • jtaylortoo
          2013/06/26 23:04

          Never mind my prior post. I just moved it from the bottom to the middle and now its working. Don’t understand that but sometimes CSS has no explanation.


  50. Theo
    2013/02/20 23:34

    Hi there, Before installing this plugin i could use the
    following tag/shortcode to display the shipping option the customer
    chose on checkout %shipping_option% I cant seem to find your
    alternative tag/shortcode to achieve the same result … am i
    missing something? as i really need to display shipping option in
    my transactions result admin e-mail and page. Many thanks

    • Hannes
      2013/02/21 19:26

      Hi Theo,
      You’re right, this placeholder is missing. I’ll add it in the next release in a few days.

      • Mark
        2013/04/29 01:00

        I would like to add another vote to add the shipping_method and shipping_option tags for the email transaction report.



      • tsg
        2013/05/31 11:24

        hello, Hannes,

        I miss these placeholders too and hope that the next version will contain them:) can you please tell me when will it be available?

        (und ich muss sagen dass es ist ein sehr hilfreich plugin, danke sehr!)

  51. Harmen
    2013/03/01 22:05

    Hi Hannes, thanks for this great plugin. One thing though: When a customer does a payment with Paypal he does not receive a pdf invoice with the confirmation mail, but he does receive it when he chooses to pay manually. Is this a setting somewhere? Thanks for your help.

    • Hannes
      2013/03/05 19:11

      Maybe the PayPal IPN doesn’t work correctly? Does the order state switch to “payment accepted”?

      • Harmen
        2013/03/08 09:06

        Yes, it does. If the problem lies with the Paypal plugin I hope an update will fix it…

        • Hannes
          2013/03/11 06:04

          What are your versions of WP, WPSC and WPSC shop styling?

  52. ThaShine
    2013/03/05 17:46

    Can’t get the plug in to work at all. Please help, I am using the latest version of word press and an older version of wp-eCommerce that I will not upgrade because of customization, I believe it’s version 3.7.6 and of course 1.9 of wp styling. Help me please as I have purchased the transaction feature yet nothing is working. Thanks!!

    • Hannes
      2013/03/05 19:08

      I’ve started developing wpsc shop styling with wpsc 3.8.5 so it doesn’t support 3.7.6.
      Sorry! Please send me an email if you request refund.

      • ThaShine
        2013/03/05 23:14

        Okay I will request for you to please send the refund….Thanks!

  53. Gillian
    2013/03/07 09:02

    Hi Hannes,

    I’ve installed your plugin (shop styling v1.9). After submitting an order, the email is sent to both Customer and Admin.

    The email sent to Customer doesn’t show the values but Placeholders.

    Under WPSC > Sales, i tried to re-send the receipt to customer and the values appear.

    Any idea why the initial sending didn’t work?

    I’m using WPSC


    • Hannes
      2013/03/11 06:07

      Hi Gilian,
      please try to upgrade to the latest version of wpecommerce. This should solve your problem.
      If you can’t please send me an email for a quote to make the plugin backwards compatible.
      br Hannes

  54. Dave
    2013/03/11 09:33

    Hi Hannes,

    just one small problem, your plugin doesn’t appear to pick up the international shipping fee and add it into the total shipping {total_shipping}.

    {base_shipping} seems to work fine but to get my total shipping cost I would need:

    {base_shipping} + international shipping fee = {total_shipping}

    We use the native WPEC shipping module and us weight rate within that, each product also has an international shipping fee on its product page.

    WP version: 3.51

    WPEC version:

    Your plugin version: 1.9

    Best regards


    • Hannes
      2013/03/11 09:51

      Hi Dave,
      Do you use any other WPSC plugins?
      best regards Hannes

    • Dave
      2013/03/11 10:05


      sorry please ignore my last comment, I did a fresh transaction and all works perfectly – thank you.

      Best regards and congratulation on such a neat bit of kit!


      • Dave
        2013/03/12 09:55

        Hi Hannes,

        one further question.

        Is there a way to insert the date and time of the purchase in the outgoing e-mails as I don’t see a shortcode for this.

        Best regards


        • Hannes
          2013/03/12 16:42

          Not at the moment…
          I’ll add this placeholder to the change requests.

          • Dave
            2013/03/13 08:46

            Morning Hannes,

            thanks for adding this to your list

            Best regards


  55. dave
    2013/03/14 10:43

    Hi Hannes,

    in earlier versions of WPEC the admin received an email report after purchase was made it was the Purchase Report, in the latest version of WPEC this email has been renamed to Transaction Report.

    Your plugin is does control the styling of this e-mail but I can’t see how to control the styling of this email through your plugin.

    Also my client has asked if the SKU number (s) of items purchased could be on this email.

    At the moment it comes through like this:

    Name Price Quantity Item Total
    Adult Test £0.50 1 £0.50

    Is it possible to have something like this:

    Name Price Quantity Item Total SKU
    Adult Test £0.50 1 £0.50 sku-number

    Sorry if I am giving you headaches, but this will help to enhance the functionality of your already cool plugin.

    Best regards


    • Hannes
      2013/03/18 22:27

      Hey Dave,
      The transaction report can be customized in version 1.9.1 now.
      Regards Hannes

  56. Dave
    2013/03/19 10:05

    Hi Hannes,

    thank you, am currently updating the live version of this site so will incorporate your plugin into this site after all the updating is done

    Thanks again


  57. Dave
    2013/03/19 17:47

    Hi Hannes,

    I now have the latest version of your plugin installed and I am looking at the:

    Email Content – Admin Transaction Report

    But no where can I see in either the drop downs for invoice options or checkout options, nor in the products table a method add the SKU number to the Transaction report I mentioned above.

    Maybe I am missing something here but could you advise me please

    Many thanks


  58. Luca
    2013/03/21 22:16

    Hi hannes.
    I send you new italian translation ;)

    Bye Bye…..


    • Hannes
      2013/03/22 04:53

      Hi Luca, thank you for your great work, the improved translation will be released with the next version.
      best regards, Hannes

  59. Grant
    2013/03/22 09:25

    Hi Hannes
    Great work!
    Will there be provision for SKU & shipping_method etc. in the upcomming versions?
    Is there a way to resent a PDF to the end user again?


    • Hannes
      2013/03/22 22:32

      Hi Grant,
      The invoice can be sent to the customer using the button “resend receipt to customer” in the transaction logs.
      The other features will come in the next versions.
      Regards, Hannes

  60. Dave
    2013/03/23 09:56

    Hi Hannes,

    in your last post you said:

    “The other features will come in the next versions.
    Regards, Hannes”

    Does this mean the SKU number will become available, if so that would be really cool.

    Many thanks


  61. Shaun
    2013/04/03 15:37

    I updated your plugin this week and thought all was fine. But it appears that all of my customizations have been removed and its sending blank emails now.
    Do you think there is anyway to get it back or will i need to rebuild each one from scratch?

    • Hannes
      2013/04/03 15:52

      Hi Shaun, all settings are stored in the wordpress options table. You can have look at the entries with:
      SELECT * FROM `wp_options` WHERE `option_name` = ‘haetshopstyling_options’

      But I think you wont find any values there when you don’t see any values in the wp backend.
      Hopefully you have a database backup where you can extract this options field.

      • Shaun
        2013/04/03 19:03

        It was actually even more simple than that. I changed it from “visual” to “text” and my changes were still there. Perhaps it defaulted to visual after the update?

        All is good again! Thanks for the prompt suggestion :)

  62. Crazy4Ties
    2013/04/08 14:23

    how can I show the SKU product in the mail’s text (in particular on Admin Transaction Report) ? I had done it with standard wp e-commerce mails but this change is not locked by shop styling.
    Thank you for your attention

    • Hannes
      2013/04/09 04:54

      Hi, I’ll add this feature to one of the next versions.

  63. Luca
    2013/04/08 21:15

    Your mail not working again … i send for you but spam.. uhhhhhh

  64. RolfJ
    2013/04/11 06:38


    Is it possible to regenerate the PDF after the order? Sometimes my customers make ordering errors, so I modify the database records to add shipping for example. However this never shows up in the Invoice PDF.

    How is the PDF generated? From what data? And can I modify that?

    Rolf Janssen

    • Hannes
      2013/04/12 04:52

      Hi Rolf,
      This is not possible at the moment. The pdf is generated at purchase submit and stored on the server. It will never be changed again.
      At the moment there are no plans to change this behavior. Sorry!
      If it is really important for you please contact me per mail for a customization quote.
      best regards, Hannes

  65. Martin
    2013/04/11 10:02

    Is there an option to change the transaction email I recieve through the plugin. I have downloaded the plugin and purchaces the transaction page add-on. But that seems to only change the message the customer get on the site after completing the purchase, not the transaction report I receive.

    Thanks for your help

    • Hannes
      2013/04/12 04:49

      Hi Martin,
      in the current version you can customize the admin transaction report. Just upgrade to 1.9.1 and you should see this field below the other email content fields.
      regards, Hannes

  66. Daniele
    2013/04/11 22:21

    Hi Hannes,

    I’m implementing a multilanguage (with qTranslate) webshop and I need your great plugin!
    I bought today the “transaction result” page, but actually I should have both the bundle.

    Anyway, I’d like to have the “products table” with multilanguage support.

    The column titles are now fixed.
    Using qTranslate shortcodes I can *probably* have the table shown in the right language on the “transaction result” page (I didn’t try yet).
    But in that case, I expect the e-mail to be sent with the shortcodes in it as there’s no language selector in the e-mails…

    Did you run into this before and can you help me?


    • Hannes
      2013/04/12 04:46

      Hi Daniele, my only qtranslate shop is still under development so I didn’t run into this problem now. I just added the email translations to my project using the English TextDeutscher Text HTML comment syntax.
      The first email immediately after the purchase is sent in the users session, so it still has the same language as selected in the shop, but if the admin changes the order state (for example after a manual payment) another email is sent to the customer and this email is in the preferred language of the admin(!!).
      So the result of my tests: IT DOESN’T WORK!
      I started a blog post for documenting any upcoming issues and the development process in the comments.
      If you find any other problems please post here.

  67. pamutpongs
    2013/04/12 11:06

    I just have tested this plugin. It’s work fine for Gmail and Yahoo Mail. But in Hotmail (Outlook) don’t show anything of contents. How to solve this problem.



    • Hannes
      2013/04/12 12:45

      The standard mail template delivered with the plugin works fine in outlook. Have you changed the template?

  68. Daniele
    2013/04/23 08:51

    Hi Hannes,

    Another question, how can the store admin print a PDF invoice sent to a customer for administration?


    • Daniele
      2013/04/25 15:50

      OK, got answer already from Hannes:
      In Sales Log Details there’s now the action “Show Invoice” to download the PDF.

  69. Colin
    2013/05/03 15:04

    Is there a way to have the invoice display the actual state
    with {billingstate} instead of just the state id? Great

    • Hannes
      2013/05/03 19:29

      I should definitly replace this in one of the next versions… No one needs ID of the status…
      I hope you can wait a few weeks, because there are some paid requests I have to complete first. I hope you understand my situation…

  70. Ben
    2013/05/06 03:51

    Hi Hannes,

    We use your plugin & hired you in the past to make an addition. Recently updated to the latest WPEC and your plugin is now generated 2 full blank pages in the invoice before displaying the information. It’s also generating duplicate products. Please email me if you need a sample invoice of the issue at hand. Not sure how I’m the only one with this problem?

  71. Calum McLeod
    2013/05/10 10:50

    Hi Hannes,

    Just purchased the WP Styling plugin and seem to be having a few issues. My first test I received the purchaser email it didnt didnt replace the tokens with real values and showed the following:



    Now the purchaser email doesnt send at all if the plug in is active but the admin transaction email does send with all the correct values.

    I am running version of WP commerce (Gold Cart ), 1.9.2 of the WP Styling and 3.4.1 WordPress

    Any suggestions?

    • Hannes
      2013/05/10 21:25

      Hi Calumn, My suggestion is to upgrade to the current versions of wp and wpec. If this is not possible try an older version of the shop styling plugin. One of the first versions will work with wpec As far as I can remember I created the first version of the plugin based on this version.
      Regards, Hannes

      • Calum McLeod
        2013/05/14 15:15

        Hi Hannes,

        I installed an earlier plugin version but no difference.

        I did note that the PDF invoice folder was also empty, it is generating a preview but nothing is being sent. Could this cause the emails to fail?

        Kind regards,

        • Hannes
          2013/05/15 04:03

          Hello Calum,
          Maybe the PDF generation prevents the emails from being sent, you can test this by disabling the PDF invoice in the settings.
          br, Hannes

  72. Fiona
    2013/05/14 02:13

    How Can I Trigger An Email Notification To Purchaser in WP-Ecommerce Using WP-Ecommerce-Shopstyling When An Order Is Submitted?

    Hi Hannes,

    I’m trying to trigger two emails during the check out process of WP-Ecommerce and have them styled using your awesome plugin.

    1. Order Submitted – not sending anything to the buyer at the moment
    2. Accepted Payment – working and styled using “wp-ecommerce-shopstyling”

    Can you help me out with this? I would really love to be able to have an email sent to the buyer when they submit their order.

    My client takes offline credit card payments, so I would like the buyer to know their order was sent (and is waiting for processing), and then the order was paid for and being created – the shop is a flower shop.

    Currently the ‘accepted payment’ step works. But the submitted step, isn’t sending anything. Any help would be awesome.


  73. Michael
    2013/05/15 14:01

    Hi, This is an interesting plugin. Can you please help with
    the following questions. (1) For all emails in the subject line is
    it possible to use the {purchase_id} placeholder? (2) Is it
    possible to cc the customer emails to the website owner. (3) Is
    there a log kept of the date/time each email was sent? Maybe
    showing who it was sent to and the subject line or something
    similar. Thanks, Mike.

    • Hannes
      2013/05/15 20:29

      Hi Mike,
      (1) no
      (2) no
      (3) no
      Sorry ;-)

      But thank you for three wonderful ideas for later versions.

      Best regards, Hannes

  74. Andre
    2013/05/18 12:12

    Hi, I’m using e-commerce together with your plugin which works very well. Thanks for that! There is one thing that doesn’t work and that is the “From address for mails from your store” it’s always using a default address, my own address, not the one I’ve filled in.

    Any idea why this is happening?


    • Hannes
      2013/05/22 08:04

      Hi Andre,
      Some webhosts replace the sender of every outgoing email with your registered and confirmed email address. I think this is kind of spam protection.
      br, Hannes

  75. Neal
    2013/05/31 23:01


    I noticed the PDF file is send when the Payment is Incomplete and not when the Payment is Succesful.
    Why is this and can this be changed so that the PDF file is send when Payment is Succesful and not when it is Incomplete?

    Also really missing the SKU codes which I use to organize my stock.

    Best regards,


    • Hannes
      2013/06/14 10:22

      The invoice is sent with the first email and doesn’t care about the payment status
      Changing this behavior is on my ToDo List as well as the SKU codes
      I’m not sure how to show the SKU: As part of the products table (only visible for admin) or as another table with individual placeholder.
      What do you think about this?

  76. Ben
    2013/06/13 23:58


    Where can I get the latest version of the plugin. 1.7? The version on WordPress is version 1.10?


    • Hannes
      2013/06/14 10:18

      1.10 is the current version
      It is one[point]ten not one[point]one-zero

      I’ll avoid this kind of version number in future releases… Sorry

  77. JR
    2013/06/14 09:14

    Hi! My customers have given feedbacks that the email content is empty when received on Hotmail accounts. Will there be a fix on this soon? Thanks!

    • Hannes
      2013/06/14 10:16

      Hi, I’ve already heard about this problem a few days ago and will try to fix it until Monday.
      br, Hannes

  78. Danielle
    2013/06/25 03:29

    Hello Hannes

    I just wanted to give you an extra heads up regarding an email with attached screenshot that I just sent you. It is because after updating to 1.10 I now get database errors that display on the front end of my site.

    Here are the errors, they ONLY occured after updating your plugin:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '`locale`' at line 1]
    SHOW COLUMNS FROM `vxn_wpsc_haet_purchase_details` LIKE `locale`

    WordPress database error: [Duplicate column name 'locale']
    ALTER TABLE `vxn_wpsc_haet_purchase_details` ADD `locale` VARCHAR( 10 ) NULL



    • Hannes
      2013/06/27 07:14

      Maybe you use an old mysql version?

  79. Jc
    2013/06/25 22:59


    I don’t understand how i can send invoice to the customer

    And on my back office, can i download invoice for each sale ?

    I need you help :)



    • Hannes
      2013/06/27 07:12

      Hello Jc,
      I assume you’ve purchased the PDF invoice feature, right?
      The invoice is sent as an attachment to the order confirmation mail. If you have a look at the Purchase History you can also download every existing invoice. But you wont find an invoice for orders before the plugin activation.
      br, Hannes

  80. Raju
    2013/06/28 15:23

    why All the mail goes to spam folder . Please reply

    • Hannes
      2013/06/28 20:16

      This could be related to the sender address. Do you use a sender address that is different from the domain of your store?

  81. Jc
    2013/06/29 01:27

    Thanks for your reply !

    Yes, i’ve purchased the pdf invoice feature.

    but after a transaction test, there is no invoice as attachement to the order confirmation mail, do i use special tag in my template mail ?

    And when i look at the purchase history, and i click on an order, i have a link at the top right of my page but when i display invoice, there is no style, only text

    • Hannes
      2013/07/05 07:52

      Can you send me one of the invoices without style?

  82. istiana
    2013/07/04 00:56

    hi, why the payment failed or payment declined status didn’t send any email to the customer?

    is there any customization?


    • Hannes
      2013/07/05 07:51

      Is there an email sent if you disable the shop styling plugin?
      br, Hannes

  83. Laurens
    2013/07/04 21:19

    Hi there,

    My server seems to crash on this plugin. I’ve checked the error log and found hundreds of these errors:

    [Wed Jul 03 11:28:36 2013] [error] [client] WordPress database error Duplicate column name ‘locale’ for query ALTER TABLE `wp_wpsc_haet_purchase_details` ADD `locale` VARCHAR( 10 ) NULL made by require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), require_once(‘wp-load.php’), require_once(‘wp-config.php’), require_once(‘wp-settings.php’), do_action(‘plugins_loaded’), call_user_func_array, HaetShopStyling->createTables

    [Wed Jul 03 11:33:37 2013] [error] [client] WordPress database error You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘`locale`’ at line 1 for query SHOW COLUMNS FROM `wp_wpsc_haet_purchase_details` LIKE `locale` made by require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), require_once(‘wp-load.php’), require_once(‘wp-config.php’), require_once(‘wp-settings.php’), do_action(‘plugins_loaded’), call_user_func_array, HaetShopStyling->createTables

    Any idea how to prevent this?

    • Hannes
      2013/07/05 07:50

      Hello Laurens,
      I’ll release a new version in the next days and try to fix this problem. I’ll send you a demo in a few hours and hope you can give me feedback.
      best regards, Hannes

      • Laurens
        2013/07/05 11:16

        Thanks! New version is running. I have asked my hosting provider to keep an eye on the error log and I’ll let you know how it behaves when I hear back from him.